To get your custom order started, I need three things: 

. your fabric choice

. your style choice 

. your measurements

Firstly, please either order your preferred style from the selection in my shop OR if you spotted something my Instagram that isn't yet in the shop, screenshot then email the styles you like. 

I'm always working on keeping the ever-changing fabric selection up to date on the fabric page, but always note your fabric choice with your order so I can check my inventory. My fabric inventory and what's available changes often. 

The measurements I need include your bust and under bust (or bra size), small of waist, and booty. If you'd like a one piece, I will also need torso length (from between your breasts to the crotch seam of your undies). Measurements are fairly easy, but sometimes a friend or a mirror helps-- just be sure to keep the tape straight! 

Make a note of how much booty coverage you'd like (all the cheek, just a peek, etc) and how high you like the hips to come (low 50s pinup, super 80s high, or in between) and don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have.

After I recieve your order, it will generally take 3-5 weeks to fulfill. But if you need it earlier or by a specific date please let me know! (RUSH orders are $20 extra)

You know you want one...

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