Hi cuties-- I am so vv excited to make you a custom suit! I'd rly rly love for you to read though all this info AND use THIS LINK to my custom form to get your deets to me

To get your custom order started, I need some thangs:

. your style choice  (*** including your payment)

. your coverage preferences

. your fabric choice

. your measurements

STYLES: Firstly, please either purchase your preferred style from the selection in my shop  (NOTE: my bottoms are listed as basic options-- the low rise GINGERS, midrise FARRAHs,  high waisted BETTYs, and unisex HOTT shorts--- they *all* can come with strappy sides, lace up sides, etc. Those options will be listed in the dropdown menu)

FABRICS: I'm always working on keeping the ever-changing fabric selection up to date on the fabric page, so please check there to see what I have in-stock. Always note your fabric choice with your order form and I will check my inventory to confirm... plz understand my fabric inventory changes often so while that means there are often new and exciting options, things also sell out. 

MEASUREMENTS: The measurements I need include your bust and under bust (or bra size), small of waist, and widest point of booty. If you'd like a one piece, I will also need torso length (from between your breasts/ where you'd like the top of the suit to sit to the crotch seam of your pants/undies). Measurements are fairly easy, but sometimes a friend or a mirror helps-- just be sure to keep the tape parallel to the floor, untwisted and straight! I have videos on my Instagram under the story highlight entitled 'measuring' if you need a video tutorial!

COVERAGE: The custom form will ask you to a note of how much booty coverage you'd like (all the cheek, just a peek, etc) and how high you like the leg cut/ hips to come (think low 50s pinup style leg cut, a super 80s jazzercise high leg, or in between) and don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have. Please refer to the diagram below for clarification

After I receive your order, it will generally take 3-5 weeks to fulfill. But if you need it earlier or by a specific date please contact me. I can periodically accommodate rush orders, but cannot always. (RUSH orders are $20 extra and can be added to your order --- the listing is password protected because you must confirm with me before adding to your order_

***** BIPOC and LGBTQA discounts are ALWAYS available ... (feel free to use codes BIPOC or LGBTQA if you identify as either)  ******

and lastly: my custom bikinis are non-refundable. I do however stand by my work so adjustments are always included in the case of things not fitting just so. When you order a kini made exactly to you, you deserve a kini that exactly fits you!

You know you want one...

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